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Dr. Dahmer Answers Burning Questions on Regenerative Medicine

Written By Aligned Integrative Medicine on July 2, 2021

I’ve been a chiropractor for over 16 years. I’ve been helping people get out of pain by adjusting the spine so people can heal and get back to their lives. What I’ve found is that a lot of people wait... Read More

Benefits of Chiropractic Care After a Car Accident

Written By Aligned Integrative Medicine on February 8, 2021

You should always see a doctor right away after you’ve been in an automobile accident. You might feel fine, but specific ailments—like concussions—may not show symptoms for hours or even days. A chiropractor can provide the prompt car accident injury... Read More

Could You Benefit from BioGenix Supplements?

Written By Aligned Integrative Medicine on January 6, 2021

Vitamins and minerals in food give your body the fuel it needs to maintain optimal function of everything from immune response to metabolism. However, if you’re like most Americans, you don’t get all the nutrients you need from your daily... Read More

Can Trigger Point Injections Help Treat Chronic Headaches?

Written By Aligned Integrative Medicine on October 27, 2020

Approximately half the world’s population suffers from a headache disorder that is so debilitating and keeps them from living their life as usual. Unfortunately, the usual over-the-counter pain medications simply are not enough for most of these patients, leaving them... Read More

Treating Symptoms from Whiplash with Chiropractic Care

Written By Aligned Integrative Medicine on September 28, 2020

In 2018 alone, the state of Florida saw a total of 403,626 auto accidents, resulting in a total of 236,157 of reported injuries. The types of injuries reported ranged in severity; however, one of the most reported injuries included whiplash.... Read More

Are Trigger Point Injections an Effective Back Pain Treatment Option?

Written By Aligned Integrative Medicine on August 26, 2020

Many are turning to chiropractic care for help for alternative back pain treatment methods that do not include the use of dangerous opioids or over the counter medications.  With approximately 8 out of 10 individuals experiencing some level of back pain... Read More

Activated PRP Therapy in Spring Hill

Written By Aligned Integrative Medicine on April 30, 2020

Your blood is filled with proteins and special enzymes that help cells heal all over your body. Anytime you’ve suffered from a scrape, torn ligament, or broken bone, you’ve witnessed the healing power of your blood!  Now, thanks to Aligned Integrative Medicine’s... Read More

Is Regenerative Medicine the Answer to Hip Pain?

Written By Aligned Integrative Medicine on March 30, 2020

As you get older, it can feel like different parts of your body hurt every day.  Hip pain is extremely common in older adults, with over 19% suffering from it within the past year. That’s why so many people undergo hip replacement... Read More

Chronic Knee Pain: Is Regenerative Medicine the Answer?

Written By Aligned Integrative Medicine on February 28, 2020

Knee pain is a funny thing. Once it pops up, it never seems to go away completely.  Sure, you can stretch, rest, and go through physical therapy, but throw down your foot too hard on a jog through Hernando Beach and... Read More

Should You Try Regenerative Medicine for Shoulder Pain in Spring Hill?

Written By Aligned Integrative Medicine on January 29, 2020

If you suffer from a shoulder injury, you know all too well how difficult it is to treat. Some people with torn rotator cuffs spend years going through physical therapy, chiropractic treatments, and even invasive surgeries trying to correct the problem. Your... Read More

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